This world may be unfamiliar to you, a land of peace and tranquility, where words are made of sounds and light. But that world above is hidden from your sights. You are far below, in the murk and shadows where none dare to tread. You are lost. You are alone.

Shadows is a puzzle-based platformer taking place in a silhouetted world. Your goal is to construct a beacon of light to call for help and find your way home. Along the way, you will be able to discover pieces of your past, memories lost after your arrival in the caves. Fireflies will be your guiding light, without them you will enter into the darkness of the caves never to return.



Shadows is now on Steam via Early Access! Learn more here: Steam Store Page


Shadows has officially been Greenlit! Stay tuned for more information on the game's upcoming release.


Shadows is en route towards a November release! The game is now on IndieDB and has a YouTube sponsor, courtesy of MFPallytime who will be doing videos using the beta version of the game. If you haven't already, you can upvote the game via its Greenlight page!


The campaign for Shadows has officially been launched! The trailer is now available on YouTube and the game has been posted to Steam Greenlight. The game will need all of your support, so, if you haven't already, upvote Shadows on Greenlight! Stay up-to-date with everything going on with Shadows here on this webpage or via the game's Twitter account.


Player Caves

With the level editor that comes free with Shadows, you can create your own levels and upload them here for others to find, download, and play all over the world! Note: This is still in beta and features may be bugged or broken in some cases. Any issues can be reported on the subreddit, via e-mail, or on TGN Squadron's Discord server.

Select a player cave (.pcave) file to upload: